Asian women are paid more for egg donation

Egg donationEgg donation for Asian women is financially more lucrative than people from other ethnic groups. High prices reflect the growing demand and shortage of willing donors.

Asian women make approximately $10,000 to $20,000 for their eggs, where women of other ethnic groups typically get about $6,000, but have difficulty selling their eggs, because of lack of demand.

Ads in college newspapers shamelessly read “Asian Egg Donors Needed”.

Selling eggs is legal in the U.S., but regulations for egg pricing is absent making it perfectly fine to pay more depending on a woman’s race or ethnicity.

Guidelines exist that say donors should not be compensated extra for ethnicity, beauty or high-test scores, but they are often ignored.

Clinics say there has been a shortage of Asian eggs for several years. This has been exacerbated as of late because of rising Chinese wealth, which has allowed more couples the means to come to the U.S. for surrogate parent programs, and because this year is the Year of the Dragon, considered the luckiest year in the 12-year zodiac calendar.

Lack of supply has been attributed to Asian women because they earn higher salaries and are more likely to be college-educated than their counterparts in other racial groups. Simply put they are more financially secure.

For Latina, African-American and non-Jewish women, the number of willing donors often outstrips demand.

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4 thoughts on “Asian women are paid more for egg donation

  1. heatheraarons says:

    I had no idea that Asian egg donors can make so much money selling their eggs!

  2. Helga says:

    Maybe this is an stupid question but I’m curious about it…. Can anyone get asian eggs or only asian people are allow to?

    • Franco says:

      Hi Helga, there is no such thing as a stupid question. I understand that in this evolving assisted reproductive world, there’s a lot of confusion and questions that arise that people need clarification on. If a couple has the means, anyone can purchase Asian eggs. The point of the story is that there is a huge demand for Asian eggs over other ethnic groups, such as South Americans, and blacks. This is quite controversial, as you can imagine because it begs the question: Why? Many couples believe that people of certain ethnic groups have more desirable qualities than people from other groups. Another problem is that the supply of those eggs from Asian and Jewish groups is limited, because people in these groups have higher salaries and are more financially secure, which is possibly why couples desire their eggs. It’s a topic that needs further discussion because it leads to social, ethical and moral questions and a growing inequality in the gene pool market. Does this help>

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